Weathering the Storm Together by Aynslie Croney

From Greater Moncton Women at Moncton, New Brunswick on 01/10/2023

Weathering the Storm Together: Canadian Progress Club’s Professional Development on a Stormy Saturday

When life gives you a stormy Saturday, make it productive with like-minded individuals! That’s precisely what the Canadian Progress Club Greater Moncton Women did this weekend. As raindrops pelted against the windowpanes, club members gathered for a unique professional development session.

The Speakers and their Topics

Lisa Dow: Leadership in Our Community
The day started with a warm cup of coffee, creating the perfect atmosphere for stimulating discussions and learning. Lisa Dow (President) set the tone with her insightful session on “Leadership in Our Community.” She delved into the importance of strong leadership in fostering positive change within our neighbourhoods. She shared practical tips on how we can all step up as community leaders.

Jaye Lisson: Effective Communications
With a shared passion for personal and professional growth, club members eagerly awaited the next speaker, Jaye Lisson (member). Jaye, a communication professional, conducted an engaging session on “Effective Communications.” Effective communication is vital in today’s fast-paced world, and Jaye provided valuable insights on improving our interactions. Her active listening tips and clear messaging inspired everyone to become better communicators.

Kristy Buck: Sales in Progress
As the storm outside intensified, Kristy Buck (Past President) took the stage to discuss “Sales in Progress.” With her extensive experience in the sales world, Kristy shared strategies and tactics to boost sales performance, even in challenging times. Her session was a testament to the idea that growth opportunities can arise in any weather, and with the right mindset, we can navigate through the storm.

Networking Opportunities Amidst the Storm
The energy inside was electric as the rain poured down and the wind whipped the sky. Networking opportunities flowed as easily. It was a reminder that even on the stormiest days, the Canadian Progress Club Greater Moncton Women know how to make the most of their time together.

In Conclusion
So, next time you find yourself stuck indoors on a rainy day, remember this inspiring example. Embrace the opportunity for personal and professional development, and you might just find that the stormy Saturday turns into a day of growth, connection, and inspiration.

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