Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation

Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation (CPCF) was created in 1967 in an effort to establish a lasting legacy for its’ members that would endure over time. It would show our members and the public our Canadian pride and our resolve to assist those in need. The foundation was registered as a Non Profit Corporation for charitable purposes in 1968 to support the charitable objectives and purposes of the Canadian Progress Club (CPC). In keeping with regulatory changes, it’s bylaws were updated in 2014 and now the foundation operates as an independent body with the full support and involvement of it’s membership.

It is recognized by CRA as a “charitable organization” pursuant to the Income Tax Act (Canada).

Since the establishment of CPCF, a number of organizations have benefited from support received through the Foundation. These include Camp Warwa (Edmonton), Canadian House of Progress (Regina) and Bob Rumball Centre for the Deaf (Toronto), to name but a few. We continue to look for new initiatives to promote the ideals of the Canadian Progress Club and support those causes that aid the disadvantaged and strengthens the fabric that is Canada.

In 1986, the members of CPC, looking to find common ground and a uniting focus for all clubs across Canada decided to use the resources of CPCF to support Special Olympics. A goal was set to raise $1 million to be kept in an endowment fund for that purpose. From that fund periodic (now annual) donations to SOC have been and will continue to be made. Monies donated have assisted the Canadian Special Olympians to attend training activities, camps, skill and Coaching. The $1 million pool was reached in 2005 at the CPC National Convention in Saskatoon ”“ a very proud moment for all Progressians. CPC, through CPCF, is now not just a sponsor but has become a partner with Special Olympics. Currently, Special Olympics Canada holds training camps for athletes, coaches and support staff that are funded by the donation received from CPCF. A second goal was agreed upon in 2004, to raise an additional $1 million in a second endowment fund in support of Special Olympics, and we are now half way at meeting this goal.

The resources of CPCF are available to assist those in need in all communities across this great country where there is a CPC presence. CPCF charitable purposes place a strong focus on persons with physical and intellectual disabilities, as evidenced by our past activities but other purposes are also well recognized and supported. You can be a part of all of this by contributing to Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation (CPCF).

The resources of CPCF are generated from funds raised by the chartered Canadian Progress Clubs located across Canada, and their members and sponsors. Money is also raised by individual and corporate donations.

For more information on the Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation, or to make a donation by more traditional means, please contact CPCF National Office at


Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation Board


Marie Law
Greater Moncton Women

Born and raised in Newfoundland, Marie’s hometown of Lethbridge had a population of 300. Off to Dalhousie University at the age of 16, there were more people in her first year Psychology class than there was in her hometown!

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In 2014 Marie began a wonderful new chapter in her life when she joined the Canadian Progress Club. As the Chair of Foundation since 2019, she works with the Foundation Board of Directors to oversee our investment portfolios are well managed and accounted for and to maintain our line of communication with our benefactor, Special Olympics Canada. Marie is no stranger to volunteering as she has been active in her community throughout her 34 years of teaching and while at the Provincial Home School in Newfoundland, was awarded a volunteer medal for her services, recognized by her peers and all those she gave her time to. Marie’s motto in teaching is the same as in life, you only get what you give. It’s no wonder her favourite quote is from Winston Churchill “We make a living by what we do, we make a life by what we give”. Marie believes people need to step up for injustices and inconsistencies in the world where others are being disenfranchised. Social time with friends and Family is very important to Marie and whether travelling with her British husband, cooking up a feast or relaxing with a good book, these are just some of the comforts Marie enjoys.

Doug Baker
Secretary Treasurer

Our Foundation Board role as Secretary-Treasurer is held by Doug Baker. Doug learned quickly why he wanted to be part of our great team since his first meeting in 1982. He has held numerous positions throughout the organization, from Club Secretary to Foundation Chair and during this journey has had many highlights with all the charities he has worked with and the Fellowship he has enjoyed.

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Doug grew up in the Halifax/Dartmouth area and his father’s naval career caused a great deal of travelling in his early years, but also created a love for travelling which he continues to enjoy with his family.

Doug’s responsibilities in this role are to frequently monitor and communicate the financial status of our Foundation investments as well as our internal programs and other donations. His 40+ year career holding senior positions in the retail business sector provided the experience and maturity required for this position.

Doug values honesty and integrity and believes in his father’s words that if you lose that, you’ve lost everything. Leadership is another important value to Doug which he commits to in his own daily life. He continues to be very active in golfing, skiing, skating and hiking, just to name a few. Doug is also a true foodie and enjoys foods and flavours from all over the world. But that doesn’t stop at the main course, as he loves to bake, especially artisan bread. He refers time as an ingredient when making bread as it is the last step for the bread to grow to the perfect preparation before you bake it.

Rick Phillips
Vice Chair - Director of Central Region

Rick is one of our long-standing members, having joined the Canadian Progress Club in 1982 in Brampton. As our Vice-Chair on the Foundation Board, he has held this position for over 6 years. This is an integral role to help manage funds, maintain our commitment to Special Olympics Canada and to investigate new ways of raising funds to keep the Foundation portfolio healthy and growing, all important duties that define his success.

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Rick has an extensive list of accomplishments based on the success of club and community work while working for or with others. He enjoys staying physically active and spending time with his family, including grandchildren and a daughter in Belgium. Rick’s love of travel started years ago with a job exchange to Australia. It was a life changing experience resulting in life-long friendships and an interest in travel. Clearly the reason his residence is in Brampton but it’s all about Nova Scotia in the summertime.

Bruce Lyle
Director of Western Region
Calgary Downtown

From the Western Region, our Canadian Progress Club Foundation Board member is Bruce Lyle. He has held his Directors’ role since 2018 and has been a member of the Calgary Downtown Club since 1979. Bruce’s role in Foundation is to help monitor the investments and distributions of the foundation and report to the CPCF board and members at large. Bruce is also responsible to increase awareness of CPCF in the community and within Progress to help to grow and increase its viability for the future. With over 40 years experience in the investment industry, other charitable groups, with community minded business supporters, doing charitable fundraising and public information dissemination, Bruce will help the foundation grow and prosper.

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It is Bruce’s firm belief to put back more into the community than he has taken out. His outside interests include cooking, golf, curling, pool, skiing, camping, boating, building, travel and being with his family. Bruce is also a board member with several other business, charitable and community organizations.

It was later in life, at his 70th birthday in 2021, that his daughter-in-law had an online video made with comments from many of his friends, Progressians, family, business associates and young people that came into his life. From those comments Bruce concluded that there were three major threads of his life that came out. One that he was never boring, two that people always enjoyed his cooking and three that he was quite a nerd.

Glenn Semaniuk
Director of Eastern Region

In 2008, Glenn Semaniuk became a fellow Progressian and has never looked back. He has been actively engaged as our Eastern Region Director on the Foundation Board since 2019. In this position, Glenn holds an integral role with our Canadian Emergency Relief Initiative. This important funding campaign is lead by the Foundation Board to identify a need in any province where a community requires much needed relief efforts. With Glenn’s leadership and through the generosity of various Progress Clubs and individual Progress Club members from across the country, the inaugural CERI drive was highly successful.

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Like all Progressians, Glenn is thankful to have the good fortune to be in a position to give back and help those in need. Glenn does his best to do good, but also ensures he has a good time doing it.
Glenn currently lives in Halifax, but has settled into many provinces including Manitoba, Ontario and BC. He likely left Ontario after Taser guns were introduced. During his past career as a television news reporter, an officer demonstrated the Taser on Glenn while doing a stand-up. After falling face first, he still continued with the story. Not long after, they stopped allowing the media to do that and Glenn fully supported that decision!

Mike Couros
Director of Great Plains Region
Saskatoon Downtown

Our Foundation Director for the Great Plains region has held several Board and Club positions since he became a member in 1991. From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Mike has enjoyed the travel opportunities and solid friendships he has made along the way and accounts his long-term Progress time for the wonderful experiences he has had in life. The travels have sent him to 9 of the 10 provinces giving him more appreciation for the country we live in, and from a different view than when he is rolling the roads on his Indian Chieftain. Mike is an avid sports fan from the sideline but is fully engaged when he’s enjoying Vegas with his friends.

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Mike’s passion, commitment and longevity with Progress earned him the Progress Hall of Fame Award which he cherishes. He appreciates the work of Progress to be a constant reminder to have empathy and understanding for those in need and humbles his own look on life. Mike believes he has received more help from his Progress work than those he has served. Those beliefs support his philosophical view to look at small miracles every day and be grateful for all you have.

Mike shares the learnings from his Progress experience through his Management Consulting company and club members interested in support or mentorship. In addition to being a radio talk show host, he also does a lot of public speaking, beginning as a stadium announcer for the Saskatchewan Rush in their first year. Public speaking is not for everyone and when asked how he developed his confidence he is not quick to share advice, as the lessons he learned in that area are not ones he would want others to experience. But it’s a great story to share if you ever want to ask him.

Mike does have some life advice to share though, reminding us to focus on the abundance we have, not what we don’t. It ultimately makes us better people and changes your perspective. He also shares that If you want to make God laugh, tell him you have a plan.

Wolfgang Juchem
Past Chair
Stampede City

Wolfgang Juchem joined the Canadian Progress club and the Stampede City chapter in 1994. After
serving as Club President two years later, he felt that he wanted the challenge to do more within
Progress. Was a Zone Governor for Alberta South, a Regional Vice President for the Western Region and
finally National President. For the past five years he has been active in the Canadian Progress Club
Charitable Foundation as Director, Chairperson, and Past Chair, growing our legacy and developing
community involvement initiative like the Canadian Emergency Response Initiative (CERI). He has spent
over fourteen years in various roles, outside of his club and within our organization.
Feeling involved and growing as a person through enjoyable work, networking, and mentorship, is the
personal benefit you garner by joining Progress. The more you participate, the more you will learn and
the more you will want contribute. It’s infections but in a good way.

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Michele Russell
SOC Liaison

Michele has much experience in new clubs in our Eastern Region. In 2001 she was a charter member of Pictou County, moved to Greater Moncton Women, was a member of Citadel (nee Cornwallis), then chartered our Nova club in 2018 where she currently remains. As our Special Olympics Liaison, Michele is responsible to manage an important and valued relationship with our current charity of choice, Special Olympics Canada. She is passionate about Special Olympics and their achievements, and for the Olympians who show us their bravery and dedication to their sport and teach us the value of living with intention and purpose.

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The Canadian Progress Club is also her passion, recognizing we have an environment that is friendly, inviting, and supportive for personal and professional development.
Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Michele continues a long and successful career in Mobile Communications, but her love for her Family, including the furry ones keep her balanced. Michele’s sure way to relax to enrich the mind and to regenerate is yoga, as those flexible positions are not always available in her day job. She also has a love for cruising around the 300+ islands in Mahone Bay, NS on her boat named Barnacle. An appropriate name after one of her favourite furry friends she enjoys visiting every year in Ontario.