National Board

Glenn Wig
Past National President
Saskatoon Downtown

Glenn Wig has been a member of Progress since 1995 and has held numerous Board positions for the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation, Saskatoon Regional Health Authority and Hope Cancer Help Center.

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Glenn’s professional accomplishments have brought strong leadership to the Progress Club and his current Presidential role focuses on communication and engagement of our members and to drive growth within our organization. With experience as a Big Brother it has taught him the importance of developing new friendships and continuing to build on current friendships and Family. In Progress, we focus on fellowship and fun. Glenn would love to share something funny about himself, but he believes it is best left for people to see on their own – so come to a National Conference and experience the real meaning of being a Fellow Progressian!

Nicole Deveau
National President
Halifax Citadel

Nicole was appointed to the position of National President Elect in Sunny Mexico in 2019. She hails from Halifax Nova Scotia and has been a member of CPC Halifax Citadel (earlier known as Halifax Cornwallis) since January 2011.
Currently sitting on the CPCHC Board of Directors as the Club’s Member at Large, she has held several other positions in the club since induction – including Treasurer, Vice President, and Club President from 2014-2016. In addition, during her tenure as a Progressian, Nicole has held the position of Regional Treasurer and National Vice President for the Eastern Region and was the first elected Board member for the Eastern Region on the revamped Canadian Progress Club Charitable Foundation in 2014. She has been actively involved in many activities at a club level including the Progress Women of Excellence Awards and Girls Night Out and, is in her second term as the designated Progress Club Member on the club’s major benefactor – Phoenix Youth Programs in Halifax.

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Nicole holds an undergraduate degree in Economics, and a Master’s of Public Administration, as well as numerous other professional designations. She currently is a Principal at Grant Thornton, a large business advisory firm in Canada, where she is the practice leader responsible for the delivery of all consulting services across Atlantic Canada.

Nicole’s passion for giving back to her community was born at a young age, community service was an example her mother set for her in her youth. Before joining Progress, she was an active Big Sister with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program – and was able to see first hand the impact that helping others can have, particularly in those who represent the future of our great country.

In her spare time, you will find Nicole at one of the best beaches in Nova Scotia at her family cottage (Melmerby Beach), grabbing a cold one with friends, or packing her suitcase for local/world travels.

Your National President Elect responsible for the supporting the National President, and all board members, as they work to ensure overall productivity of the Board and maintaining our strategic direction. Nationally, we have a responsibility to promote the participation of all clubs in our objectives, programs and policies; to build new and existing clubs, and strengthen those within.

Organizations like Progress make our communities stronger, more interesting and more engaged, and of course have a wee little bit of fun along the way. The work we do in Progress matters, and it is not possible without each of you – you make an impact and a statement every time you do something in the name of Progress. When we hear and see first-hand the stories of the impact of the work we do – it can’t help but touch your heart, and hopefully inspire you. It has been, and will continue to be a great honor to be part of this great organization, and continue to forge new paths in how we contribute to our country being the best country on earth.

Rob Sams
National President Elect
Greater Moncton

Rob is no rookie to National Board experience as he brings a history of leadership and skill to his position as National VP, Eastern Region. While he has just begun his current term in 2020, Rob has given his dedication and commitment to several roles within his Moncton community club and previously as Eastern Zone Governor, and National Secretary Treasurer. As a member since 2003, his experience in community volunteering started much earlier.  Rob comes from a lifelong continuation of history of volunteerism within his own family and learned the value of helping in the community since he was very young. Rob believes that Progress is not just about volunteering, it is about the family you build along the way.  His local club members are viewed as brothers and sisters as they support each other with local community and fundraising events. Rob knows that honesty, hard work and commitment is the key to success and maintains the strong bonds with the family he enjoys, both in his personal and professional life.

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When Rob allows himself to step away from running his business, he enjoys everything outdoors. Skiing, travelling, camping, boating are only some of his adventurous agendas. There is another side to Rob that you may only learn about when his cell phone rings.  When that Star Wars Cantina song rings out, it lights him up and clearly indicates his Sci-Fi geek side. Evidently if the Star Wars Convention comes to town, he will be the first in line to meet his iconic mates.

Alexandra Coles
Secretary Treasurer
Greater Moncton Women

Alexandra was appointed to the position of Secretary – Treasurer for Canadian Progress Club National in October 2020. She is from Moncton, New Brunswick and has been a member of CPC Greater Moncton Women since January 2016. Alexandra is currently the Club President for CPC Greater Moncton Women and has held several other positions within her club since her induction, including: Vice President, Treasurer, and Co-Chair for several of the clubs major fundraising events. In addition, during her tenure as a Progression, Alexandra has held the positions of Treasurer for CPC Eastern Region (2 terms) and for Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation (1 term).

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Alexandra holds a Bachelor of Science Degree as well as a Diploma in Business Administration Accounting. She is currently employed by Grant Thornton LLP and works as a Manager in their US Corporate Tax Department.
Alexandra believes that financial transparency and economic responsibility are key pieces to the Secretary – Treasurer position, at any board level. It is very important to Alexandra that CPC National continues to be financially transparent with its members, regarding the national organization’s finances, as she believes that the directors of a board are inherently custodians for the funds that our members deposit into our trust.
In her spare time, Alexandra loves spending time with her friends, her family, and her playful Border Collie, Rory. Alexandra enjoys cooking, baking, and hosting meals and social gatherings for her friends and family. She is a creative person who uses photography and crafting as an outlet for her creativity. Being an East Coast girl means Alexandra loves the ocean and spends much of her summer weekends traveling around the Maritimes to visit friends and explore new places.

Alexandra is a strong believer that personal growth comes from experiencing new things and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. Alexandra’s time in Progress has pushed her to try many new roles, travel to new places, and meet many new, wonderful friends. She is so appreciative of all the amazing connections and friendships she’s built through Progress and is very much looking forward to her new role as Secretary – Treasurer for CPC National.

Joanne Penwell
National Vice-President Eastern Region
Greater Moncton Women

Sharon Milton
National Vice-President Central Region
Durham Region Women

Sharon has been a proud member of Progress for 25 years, holding most positions within the club, her least favourite being Treasurer! She has received many awards, including most recently, the Hall of Fame Award. In addition to her role as NVP for the Central Region, she is President of the local chapter in Pickering Ontario, the Durham Region Women’s Club. Communication is important in both of her roles to ensure information and opportunity is brought forward from our National Board to our Regional Clubs. Sharon recognizes the importance of Family and introducing volunteerism at a young age. Her sons, Scott and Daniel value their youthful lessons as it has helped them grow to be selfless young men who have continued to support others throughout their own personal and professional lives.

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Sharon has made lifelong friends and community contacts that have been valuable to her personal and professional life. While many other service clubs offer value, Progress offers friendship, to which value is priceless!

Patti Nolan
National Vice President Western Region
Calgary Prairie Rose

Patti attended her first Progress club meeting in 2001 and her first National Convention in 2002 in Canmore, Alberta. She has not missed a National Convention since and encourages new members to attend at least one to really experience the impact and passion of this organization and the people who become family. She is a member of the Calgary Prairie Rose Progress club, one of the longest running ladies’ clubs in Canada.

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She has held numerous positions on her clubs Board, Alberta South Zone Governor and currently resides on the National Board as Vice President of the Western Region. In this latest role she represents 11 clubs in Alberta at the National level. A 35+ year career in oil and gas as a leader and accounting professional prepared her for her newest role as Product Manager for an oil and gas financial software. She enjoys travelling and is looking forward to her next adventure and next National convention!

Dwayne Loewan
National Vice-President Great Plains Region
Regina Centre

Carla Unger
Director of Membership
Saskatoon Uptown

Carla is the newly appointed Director of Membership for 2020-2022. She is from Saskatoon Sask and has been a member of the Saskatoon Uptown Club since it chartered in 2017, and is currently the Vice president and Interim Membership Chair there. Carla is passionate about connecting people. This includes helping all clubs grow in their membership across Canada, aiding in chartering new clubs and creating a strong community within the existing clubs.

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Carla owns a company called InBloom Beauty that encompasses her expertise in the Hair, Body and Mindset industries. She is the daughter of immigrant parents from Portugal who have given her the gift of being born and raised in this great country, speaking both Portuguese and French fluently. Carla is a mom of two grown and amazing children. She loves being active, which includes soccer and working out, good food and wine, travelling, the ocean and of course, connecting with her friends.

Marilyn Crumpton
Director of Education & Communication
Durham Region Women

As a Fellow Progressian since 2017 with the Durham Region Women’s local chapter in Pickering, Ontario, Marilyn is one of the newer Board members. Having spent 10+ years with an International technical user group, she was responsible for communication and education. Marilyn enjoyed the time and experience as editor of the quarterly news magazine, managing the website functionality and features, and building new relationships as she worked to increase new membership within the Canadian Region.

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Marilyn values Community support and volunteerism as the benefits of both can be life-changing, not only for those we support but for her own personal wealth. It’s an opportunity to establish new friendships and share our need to help others. Marilyn has various other volunteer roles within the Durham Region to support the needs of the community. She has recently returned to her love of the links and if the end of the game was a ‘good walk spoiled’, there’s plenty of other options she pursues and enjoys, whether it’s in the garden or simple solitude in her craft and create hideaway.

Henrick Strait-Hinnerichsen
Director of Member Services (Awards)

Our Director of Member Services and Awards, Henrick Strait-Hinnerichsen has brought his large humour and energy to this role since 2017. Henrick helps to recognize Individuals and Clubs for their accomplishments during the year by engaging and encouraging them to compete for award recognition from their regions and peers at a national level. Early into his role, Henrick introduced a tiered system where Clubs of similar sizes compete for awards against each other. As his core, Henrick is a storyteller and proud to inject excitement, energy and fun into all awards presentations. To quote Henrick, “We deserve to be celebrated, so let’s make it worth celebrating!”

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Henrick values open communication, challenging ideas and also being open to new ones. He believes evolution is a natural part of growth, so it’s important to try new things. Even if they don’t turn out properly, Henrick recognizes we can still learn from them and evolve better.

Henrick has been a member since 2011 and resides in Bedford, Nova Scotia. He is an Active Obstacle Course racer, pop culture enthusiast, art lover, and mentors his two amazing kids, of which he proudly shares he has kept the family geekiness intact.

As a former busker, Henrick loves to try new things. In early 2020, he tried toilet-training his cat and documented the process. Henrick failed after several weeks but did consider it a valiant effort and we agree!

Renate Thompson
National Administrator

As the National Administrator for the Canadian Progress Club since 2015, Renate fulfills a complex role dealing with day to day needs of the Boards as well as the Clubs. Communication is her primary tool, whether it is by email, phone or ongoing web support, the office is a constant presence in the organization.

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Renate’s past experience in insurance and the travel industry have been an asset when negotiating the needs of the Progress office. This is a unique role that supports both the National and Foundation Boards, and Renate values the open and honest relationships, as transparency is essential to her success. Her experience and long-standing membership from 2000 in Brampton, Ontario, is an additional value she brings to her role, to understand and meet the needs of the Boards and the Clubs.

Renate is known as a “Maker” as she enjoys various art and craft projects in a variety of mediums; fibers, metals, jewelry, stained glass and mosaics. Nothing energizes her soul more than being in her home studio and working on any of the multiple projects she always has on the go. Such a great outlet for her to focus on and keeps others happy that she isn’t singing.