Spirit Survivor

From Halifax Citadel at Halifax, Nova Scotia on 15/05/2017

Our Halifax Cornwallis Club was looking for a new, relatively easy to execute event to supplement our fundraising efforts this year. One of the trending events we saw going around was “Wine Survivor”.  While this is usually held in a physical office, we thought we could adjust this event and host it online.  As such, we evolved it into a “Spirit Survivor” challenge in order that we would not have to collect bottles of wine which resulted in an even better prize for the winner since they could choose how to spend their winnings at the Nova Scotia Liquor Commission.

Having never held an event of this nature before, our 3 person committee developed a strategy to implement the event and host it online via Facebook.  The entire club reached out to family and friends to participate and created a buzz around this new event.  By the time we were ready to conduct our draws, we had 88 participants!  Half of the funds raised would go to Canadian Progress, the other half would be divided into 3 prizes — 1st prize 50%, 2nd prize 30% and 3rd prize 20%.  And just like the office version, there was a twist where immunities could be purchased.

Holding an online only event posed some challenges with fund collection; however, with the help of technology, we utilized e-transfer payments.  We posted our bi-weekly updates on Facebook and also sent out email updates to a few participants who were not on Facebook.  We held a Facebook live event for the final draw and in the end, the event raised $3490 after immunity purchases with $1720 going toward Halifax Cornwallis charities of choice!  The event was so successful, we shared our strategy and lessons learned with the club and a new team has launched our second Spirit Survivor!