Saskatoon Downtown at the Friendship Inn

From Regina Centre at Saskatoon on 22/11/2019

A large group of our men volunteered at our downtown Friendship Inn, a place that feeds the needy in Saskatoon. They came and prepared and served breakfast to nearly 200 people, then cleaned up and then prepared and served lunch to a group that was even larger.

The Friendship Inn just celebrated their 50th anniversary in Saskatoon. It is unfortunate that we need a facility like this, but for the people who depend on this facility for hot and nutritious meals, it is a Godsend!
Vulnerable people find safe sanctuary at the Saskatoon Friendship Inn, which has evolved from the early days of being just a soup kitchen. The Inn has created a welcoming environment by committing to being responsive and compassionate, and to fostering a sense of belonging among children, youth and adults who experience poverty, with a no questions asked policy. At the Inn, people access breakfast, lunch, a family worker, as well as information on topic ranging from health to the law.

Community Service is the backbone of Progress and it is exciting to see the Saskatoon Downtown Men get on the front lines and provide support for such a worthy and needy cause!

I would challenge each of our clubs across Canada to contact their local soup kitchen to see how you can volunteer your time and help those in need!

Take a look at those smiling faces! What a great day to be in Progress!