Pond Hockey

From St. Albert at St. Albert, Alberta on 04/02/2017

As the most distinct event within our calendar year, this year’s 7th Annual Pond Hockey event continues to grow in its popularity within St. Albert. Started from a suggestion of our city’s mayor, Nolan Crouse, an Honorary Member of our Club, the McIntyre Brothers, Keir and Brodie, have truly created the quintessential Canadian event.


There are many successful elements to this Pond Hockey event that should be mentioned. First and foremost is the community support and involvement that it engenders. Because of its notoriety, sponsors are easily forthcoming to assist in our cause, along with the local media, which helps to promote the event. A number of our club members, like Craig Sims, Marc Cardinal, and Gene Schafers, continue to give generously from their businesses, which helps in reducing the costs of the event. Because of this, this event continues to raise over $20,000.00, year after year, to help our charities. At the event, we present Kids Sports with a cheque, being one of its primary supporters.