My 18 Month Highlights by Melanie Schneider-MacDonald

From Greater Moncton Women at Moncton, NB on 16/04/2020

I celebrate my 18 month anniversary with the Greater Moncton Women’s Progress Club in April 2020. I am many things, a wife, a mom, daughter, sister, friend, an architectural technologist and much more. I am so glad that I chose to add Progress Club Member to my resume!!

I grew up with parents that were involved in the community, volunteered in many different ways and encouraged myself and my siblings to do so as well. When I was younger sometimes it was a nuisance as I missed Saturday morning cartoons or not being able to sleep in or hang around with friends doing nothing. Looking back now though I have many fond memories of the volunteering we did.

The desire to support and be involved in the community and volunteer stayed with me and is something I want to pass along to my own family. The Progress Club has given me a way to do just that, as well as given me an amazingly supportive tribe of women that I now call friends.

Some of my favorite experiences in this past year have been;

  • getting to dress up as Holly the Elf at the Sunlife Santa Claus Meet & Greet and entertain the kids as they were waiting to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. The energy and excitement was incredible and I’m fairly sure that my dancing has never looked better!! I can’t wait to do it again!!
  • walking the Santa Clause Parade as a Festive Penguin again sharing my awesome dance moves and praying that I don’t fall over or lose any costume parts along the way!!
  • volunteering with the Breakfast Program at the local schools (though my daughter didn’t particularly like me being there), being a happy face to greet them in the morning, getting to watch the growth and development of the kids through the year, learning about the things that were important to them as they discussed them over their meals.
  • being a “spare” score keeper for the Special Olympics Bowling when needed (see what I did there) with a fun, caring, supportive community of bowlers.
  • attending regional Convention in PEI, the experience of socializing, celebrating and learning with members of the Progress Clubs throughout the Maritimes was incredible. Seeing the passion and drive within the clubs that are all so different yet so much the same. I came out of the weekend having made new friends, been wowed by the accomplishments of the clubs and taking lessons from the learning sessions. A couple of my Ah-Ha moments from the learning sessions were realizing the importance and freedom of simply accepting a compliment, to look at scenarios to find the rules that you are assuming and imposing on yourself that are holding you back from success (for anyone who was there remember that Lego exercise’¦you know what I mean).

I have had so many great, rewarding experiences this past year and look forward to the many more that are to come. I am so grateful to have found the Greater Moncton Women’s Progress Club and would encourage anyone to take the chance on their local service groups.