Euchre Event – Better Life for Noah

From Durham Region Women at Pickering, Ontario on 25/04/2017

On Saturday, April 25, 2017 our club hosted a charity fundraiser for a local child who has a debilitating condition that now requires special support and equipment to help him through his daily activities.

The child’s name is Noah Hardy, he is 11 years old.  Noah and his family were looking to install a much needed elevator in their home.  The cost to install the elevator was over $50,000 and they were close to reaching their target.

This is where the Durham Region Women came in, deciding to host a long overdue Euchre Event.  We decided to reach out to local business asking for support to help us help the Hardy family.  Though lots of leg work from our club members, our club was able to secure more than $1500 in prizes and donations towards this event.

The event was very successful, with 90 card players we were able to raise just over $3000.00 (pushing the total raised to the goal of $50,000) to give to Durham Home Medical, the company who was hired to complete the renovations to the Hardy home.

Construction has already begun on the elevator and the Hardy family is very excited about the positive changes this will mean for Noah!

Joan De Gennaro