CPC Halifax Citadel “Spread the Joy”

From Halifax Citadel at Halifax on 18/01/2024

At our October club meeting, our CPC Halifax Citadel Club had raised enough extra funds with our events to assign them to a charity.

The Club membership decided they wanted to “spread the joy” to a number of charities and individuals over the holiday season instead of one lump sum to an organization.

Through this campaign many of our members became holiday Elfs reaching out to over 35 organizations and/or individuals through charities, schools and resource centres, providing over $16,000.00 in gifts of items the charities suggest we purchase for their use and/or gift cards.

The campaign gave our club and the charities we supported a positive public profile opportunity. But more importantly, it was a heartfelt initiative that brought joy to many – including our membership – and one we hope we can do again next year!