CPC Greater Moncton Women raise some money for their initiatives.

From Greater Moncton Women at Crowne Plaza on 28/11/2018

This was my 2 nd year Chairing Spirit Survivor. This year we received 39 teams of 4, raising a
total of $6,240. This event is a lot like a 50/50 draw but instead of winning money you have a
chance to win visa gift cards and 50% of all monies raised were used towards prizes for the
winners. 1 st place winners get 50% 2nd place gets 30% and 3 rd gets 20%.
The Spirit Survivor event was a great success again this year that resulted in a fundraiser that
didn't require as much laborious work and prize collection for our club. We got to increase our
brand awareness and have fun rivalry between club members, friends and family members within
the different teams.
This year $3,979 went to our club initiatives another great success in 2018.


Submitted by Angela Jones
Event Chair