Children’s Christmas Party for Hearth Place Cancer

From Durham Region Women at Oshawa, Ontario on 28/02/2019

Over the holidays, the Durham Region Women held the annual Children’s Christmas Party for the Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre in Oshawa, Ontario. Hearth Place is a support centre where cancer patients and their families can come and share their experiences, find resources and discover new ways to care for themselves and each other.  This is one of the Durham Region Womens’ favourite events of the year, to participate in the enjoyment the children experience with a delicious breakfast, a variety of crafts, games and an opportunity for the children to select and wrap gifts for their parents.  To end a wonderful morning, Buddy and Becka the Elves entertain the children with songs and fun, just before Santa shows up to deliver gifts to all the children.   We look forward to next year’s event!