Boogie Nights Disco

From St. Albert at St. Albert, Alberta on 18/03/2017

As one of our major fundraising events each year, our Winter Gala is designed to be a fun evening in which we show appreciation to those whom gave us that personal support throughout the year. For a number of years, the theme has centred on Mardi Gras, where we sought to bring a sense of the New Orleans French Quarter to St. Albert. This year, however, looking to freshen up the event, we went with the Boogie Nights Disco theme, which proved to be quite successful.


The previous year’s event saw many hurdles to overcome from the Albertan economy, along with some logistical difficulties with changing venues. However, we had a great foundation to build upon. This became the framework from which our committee set its goals. We knew we had to work from a lower cost point, and, given that we had lost another event earlier this fiscal year, we needed to exceed the budgeted goal to raise $20,000.00. In the end, we surpassed our own expectations by raising $26,750.00 for our charities.


The highlights of the Boogie Nights Disco that made it a success were the support we found in our membership, with two thirds of our club attending, mostly in Disco-theme dress. We were also grateful for the support from other Canadian Progress Clubs in Alberta, with Calgary City Centre, the SILKS, and Downtown Club all having members at the event, showing the true spirit of Progress. Finally, at the event, we gave a cheque to our major charity, Uncles and Aunts at Large, for $50,000.00.