Bellerose Bike-athon

From St. Albert at St. Albert, Alberta on 01/03/2017

Though not an event where we raise funds for our charities, our St. Albert Club participates in this high school charity event, which raises money to fight cancer. It is a 48-hour bike ride on stationary bikes, which is organized by these students, and this is the 14th year of doing this event in which they have raised over $2 million.


This was our Club’s second year in participating in this event, after the school presented at our National Convention in Edmonton in 2015. Showing support for these future Progressians is important, but one cannot describe adequately how both humbling and inspiring these young people are. The energy that they bring to this event is just amazing. That the school has adopted us as participants is also flattering, referring to us as “the farm team.”


As a Club, we gave two bursary awards of $500.00 each to students whom have shown strong leadership at this school event, which is presented by Craig Strain and Keir McIntyre, alumni of the school.