32nd Gala of Hope

From Regina Centre at Conexus Arts Centre on 13/11/2019


David Belof

Suite 900, 2103 — 11th Avenue


Bank of Montreal Building

Regina, SK

December 12th,


Dear Canadian Progress Club,

The Canadian Progress Club, Regina Centre, has once again represented your national organization with pride, purpose, and respect. On November 13th, 2019, they once again ran the Gala of Hope to raise funds for Camp Circle O’Friends, which is a summer camp for kids impacted by cancer, along with raising funds for other children’s charities within the province. The following is an excerpt of what I shared with the Regina Club, and wanted to share this with the national body.

“I have purposely waited a few days to comment on the 32nd Gala of Hope, and the impact that this one, magical night makes to Camp and the kids that attend.

What really strikes me is what this all means. We heard from two former campers that spoke on how camp influenced their paths and influenced their lives really. Kayla spoke on how archery exposed her to team sports. Without camp, she may have never joined her high school archery team and been exposed to the international experience that helped her grow to the responsible young adult that she is today. Dylan spoke in a similar fashion on what camp has done for him, and helped him with his drive and confidence. This is a young man that works a 2am work shift until morning, and then goes to school during the day. His University Justice program may lead to law, and the $5,000 scholarship you awarded him will help him focus on his schooling, and may get him to a new professional level that he has only dreamed of. This gala impacts campers and their families in the immediate term, and is potentially life changing in the long term. And these are only two examples of the thousand+ kids that have passed through this program in over 33 years. As our Camp Director said in her speech that evening, ”whatever we need for Camp, just mention it to these gentlemen <within the Progress Club>, and it gets done…”

The Canadian Progress Club, Regina Centre has made me incredibly proud and somewhat emotional when I think about how this one night every year impacts our communities. The camper speakers on Wednesday told us that camp made a huge impact on their lives, and our communities are stronger for it. Our national CPC vision is to make our communities better. Congratulations gentlemen – you have just shown what excellence looks like and how we make our communities better.”

On behalf of Camp Circle O’Friends, I want to formally thank the CPC Regina Centre. They have shown a class and commitment that I hope is celebrated nationally. The over $1.5-2M raised that they have raised for camp over the last 32 years is astonishing, not only in a small market, but also by a club that usually has 30-35 members each year. Their effort and drive is truly remarkable and so greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

David Belof

Board Chair, Camp Circle of Friends

CPC Regina Member

  1. Gayle Morris, Executive Director, CCOF