31st Gala of Hope

From Regina Centre at Conexus Centre of the Arts on 07/11/2018

The Canadian Progress Club – On November 7, Regina Center held their 31st Gala of Hope in support of Camp Circle of Friends.   The funds raised from this event go to support the Camp and its activities for kids battling cancer. There are no parents, just campers and the support staff of doctors, nurses, psychologists and social workers. This makes for a considerable number of people.  Camp generally houses 75-85 campers doing plain kid stuff.  These kids come from all over the province,  which makes our club quite unique in that we support a cause that includes the whole province.

At the gala, our guest speaker is usually  someone who has participated at the camp.   These powerful speeches coming from someone who has experienced or are still suffering from the ravages of cancer keeps the audience riveted to  their seats and focused on every word.    Camp is limited to those under the age of 18, and has left a void for those that have reached that age limit.   The director of Camp decided to start a program called the “Alumni Program” that would address the over 18 age limit.   The “Alumni Program”, consists of  a wood shop initiative that will give those older graduates an opportunity to get skill training in a fully stocked wood shop run  in conjunction with the main camp. This could allow those graduates to become mentors to the younger campers.    During this year’s gala  our guests were offered a chance to participate in the “Alumni Program” by making cash donations towards the purchase of equipment to stock the wood shop.   These donations topped $10,000. In addition, a $5000 scholarship was presented to a graduate/cancer survivor to assist in University tuition.