2016 Plywood Cup

From Regina Centre at Wascana Lake - Regina Saskatchewan on 01/07/2016

On July 1, 2016 the Canadian Progress Club Regina Center held its 12th Annual Plywood Cup. This long standing Canada Day event has raised thousands of dollars in support of our charities. Using only two sheets of plywood, nails, duct tape, hammer, saw, tape measure and pencil, teams of four are tasked with building a seaworthy boat capable of making the voyage across and back on our beautiful Wascana Lake. Waves on the lake are not a factor in completing a successful crossing, however sound design plus quality construction are the keys to not getting wet. In the past years many efforts have failed with the first few oar strokes while others have failed mid voyage. One thing however never fails and that is the camaraderie and friendly competition of the participants. This event is an excellent team building event and our sponsors and participants come back year after year. Wascana Park hosts many activities celebrating the July 1st weekend with events for everyone from children to seniors. Reginans love the Plywood Cup and you can hardly find a place on the shore to watch the race as more than 15,000 people attend. This has raised the profile of Progress in Regina. Without a doubt the Plywood Cup is a highlight of Canada Day. This year’s event raised a record breaking $74,500.00.
Even though the Plywood Cup is starting its 13th year, we are working tirelessly to keep this event as the main attraction during the July 1st celebrations. Partnering with local media allows us to bring “brand awareness” to the values and aims of the Canadian Progress Club. Since inception in 2005, the Plywood Cup has raised over $ 550,000.
The organizing committee and the CPC Regina Centre members feel that this year’s Plywood Cup was a remarkable accomplishment and are eager to make it even bigger and better. Planning for the 2017 Cup is already underway and the committee is excited at the prospect of having another successful event.
At the CPC National convention held in Regina in 2011, our Club ran a mini-plywood cup that raised $15,000, and to our knowledge, this remains the most successful fundraiser in convention history.