Our Mission

The Canadian Progress Club is a dynamic organization of charitable-minded Canadians who are passionate and committed to strengthening our communities through hands-on service and fundraising, to benefit those in need. In addition to their commitment to local communities, on a national level, Canadian Progress Club proudly supports Special Olympics Canada through the Canadian Progress Charitable Foundation.

The Canadian Progress Club is a national non-profit organization, originally established in Toronto in 1922. There are currently 27 clubs across Canada; we have raised over $250 million and contributed thousands of hours of community service to support numerous local and national organizations.


Membership, including its privileges, is open to all individuals who enjoy hands-on involvement in giving back to their communities. Each local club conducts its own affairs and its own charitable projects, typically to support people-focused causes. In doing so they meet new friends and have fun!


New Members


Action = Progress. Do you want to help solve important social needs while transforming your own life? At CPC’s chapter, you’ll meet changemakers just like you who want:

  1. Macro-level ideals to become micro-level action
  2. Positive change that truly improves the lives of others
  3. Lasting relationships built around a strong community network
  4. A supportive, inspiring hub of ideas, inspiration, and impact

Vision for

Our fundraising and community service activities will be focused on making a significant impact to people from the various different backgrounds we serve.

We typically assist:

  • Community Service programs
  • Economically challenged children
  • Those facing physical or intellectual challenges


Join us at our information session. Let’s discuss!

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Who Can Join?

Are you an everyday changemaker? Do you gather friends for a charity bike ride or marathon? Do you purchase products from companies that share their profits with social causes? If you want to drive progress, you’ll find a home with the Canadian Progress Club.


Meet like-minded people who want to make the city a better place. Join us at our information session.

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Why Join?


Join us at our information session. We’ll show you how caring people can become the active citizens and leaders our city needs.

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The Difference
You Make

We’re entirely Canadian, without international affiliations. Each local chapter defines its own direction, its own causes to support. Food banks. Programs for disadvantaged youth. Revitalizing parks and other shared spaces. No matter the aim, the personal and emotional ties our members create with the people and projects we help is very real.


That’s what you’ll feel as you help improve the lives of those less fortunate.


With its unique focus, our chapter will reflect, support, and celebrate our city – one of the most diverse and multi-cultural in the world.


From simple acts of everyday kindness to planning major fundraising events, you will feel a bond with our city and its people that you’ve probably never experienced before.

Why Get Involved?

  • Inspire

    Enjoy a fresh sense of purpose by sharing your ideas, skills and energy.

  • Change

    This is your city, full of like-minded people who want to create real change.

  • Contribute

    You have so much to give. This is your place to collaborate, share and act.

  • Community

    Build a strong grassroots movement and engage with other people who care.

Information Sessions

CPC members love to share, discuss, and motivate each other. Join us, and together we’ll make something special and unique!

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I chose to belong to the Canadian Progress Club as it truly represents what it is to be Canadian. I have made life-long friends across the country, all with the drive and desire to help their communities while gaining valuable experience. We make our home towns, cities, and charitable organizations better. Belonging to the Club also makes me a better person – both at home with my family and at work. A wonderful organization to belong to!

Sharon M., Pickering ON

While giving back to my community is so rewarding, the friendships I’ve made with fellow Progress members over the years is an added benefit that has enriched my life in many ways.  One of the best decisions I made for myself!

Patti N., Calgary AB

About the Info Sessions

Here is where you can find your path forward to transforming lives and making an impact in . We’ll show you how caring people can become the active citizens and leaders our city needs. You’ll find the CPC is a lively two-way street: we will help establish a dynamic and diverse chapter by listening to your ideas and dreams about how a great city can become even better for those who call it home.


There are no information sessions currently registered.