Rob Maingot’s Surprise 30th Celebration

From Halifax at Halifax Distilling Company on 17/11/2017

A HUGE milestone for one of the most endearing Progressians of all time!   This past Fall we celebrated a living legend of The Canadian Progress Club, Rob Maingot.    With the soothing sound of Bob Marley music playing in the background and appropriately themed, ‘The Maingot Marley Night’, CPC – Halifax, surprised the Trinidadian-turned CANADIAN with ‘one love’ and a roomful full of cheering friends to congratulate the former National President on an amazing 30 years of Progress (inducted Sept. 1987)!   With tropical decorations and our CPC – Halifax banners prominently displayed as part of the backdrop, the event was held in a private room at the Halifax Distilling Company and featured approximately 70 current and past members from across the Maritimes!  For those thirsty, a special one-of-a-kind, ‘signature cocktail’ was even created in his honour – The OLD Maingot – cheers to that!

Rob was completely shocked by the ‘surprise party’ with special thanks to his better half, Karen Ferguson (aka, Fergie), who was instrumental in helping to coordinate (scheme) and pull off such a great surprise, which was no small feat (for those wondering, he thought he was meeting up with some friends for a rum tasting event)!

At around 5:30pm on Friday, November 17th, 2017, the text came that Rob and Fergie would soon be arriving, which turned out to be a touch longer with a few comical false alarms in between due to Rob trying to find parking in downtown Halifax, which at times, is also no small feat!  Upon the guest-of-honour’s entrance, a huddled-up room of well-wishers erupted with cheers and applause… and, for a brief moment, the ‘Maingot-Man’ was even speechless!  Rob was then formally greeted by CPC – Halifax President, Glenn Semaniuk, who congratulated him on behalf of everyone and provided a special plaque to commemorate the occasion and milestone.  Once Rob was able to catch his breath and process what just happened, he spoke ‘as only he can’ about what  a great honour it’s been to be a part of Progress for 30 years and how he couldn’t believe such a special party was organized on his behalf!

About the honoured guest:  Combine a winning personality with a willingness to put others first and you have Rob Maingot.  The veteran Progressian is  widely known as a ‘gentleman’ and ‘leader’ who’s been making a difference in the lives of ‘those with special needs’ for the past 3 decades.  Rob has an outstanding track record of getting things done and usually does so with a smile on his face, which makes him so great to work with and be around!  As a proud member of The Canadian Progress Club, Rob has pretty much done it all, including serving as both a Club and National President.  Moreover, after all this time, Rob remains a very active member and this ‘Energizer Bunny’ of Progress shows no signs of slowing down as, among other things, he currently focuses his time, talent, and experience on ‘The Club Inclusion’ – a not-for-profit organization that is proudly supported by CPC – Halifax, including a board position designated for our club, which Rob diligently occupies!


Thank you Rob for your many great years with many more ahead!


Yours in Progress,

Glenn Semaniuk: CPC – Halifax, President